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Ladies’ Night…

November 30, 2012

It’s not as raucous as it sounds but it did amaze and over whelm me! I went along with my Aunt, I say Aunt, however there’s not a big age gap she’s a young Aunt! So for those of you that don’t know what a ladies’ night entails basically it is run by the PTA of each primary school (in my local area) to raise money for the school, for activities equipment etc. So an altogether good cause. There is usually a small fee about £3.00 and you get a glass of wine to slurp down as you peruse the stalls that have been set up by lots of local businesses, throughout the school. Now the stalls can range from anything: homemade chutneys to Christmas decorations and all things shabby chic! It included florists and jewellery makers, even a Jamie Oliver stall. Lots of beautiful things that make it hard to curb your spending!

What I found daunting was that everyone knew everyone… and there seemed to be an underlying competition between how good this ladies’ night was and how much bigger and better the next would be… as an outsider looking in that side of things was highly amusing seeing as the next Ladies’ night would pretty much have the same stalls, probably the same people, just a different PTA organising it! However along with all of the competition what I found amazing was everyone did know everyone but not as just passing parents at the school gate, they were friends. It was lovely. A little overwhelming as I didn’t know anyone, and this was when I felt it… that pang that I didn’t fit in when all I wanted was to be a part of this lovely little community of mums.

The desire to have children, for my husband and I to start growing our little family, has long been a topic of conversation but at this moment during that evening at Ladies night stood looking around and watching the longing was even stronger, I want nothing more than to be a mum, and I cannot wait until that chapter in our lives. I’m sure other women have felt the same way all over the world I was just amazed how it made me feel at that moment. I often wondered about that ‘ready’ feeling… whether it came at a certain time of life or whether it never came at all and you are never really ‘ready’! I have come to the conclusion we will probably never have enough money, we will always want to make more and more improvements to our house, we will always need to save for something that life will inevitably throw at us. So being ‘ready’ to me means only a state of mind, a knowing that nothing would make you happier then to be a parent. To me that is ‘ready’.



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