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Making our house a home room #1

January 26, 2013

When I first started writing my blog we were in the middle of redecorating our living room. I was going to do a blog post on it but Christmas and life in general got in the way and I never got round to it. As I want to share and document what we are doing with our house here it is, better late then never. I don’t know about you guys but I like nothing more then looking at other peoples houses, I love it. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way their house is decorated and the type of lifestyle they lead. Nosy me?!

With living on the moors we wanted to create a space that would firstly be a relaxing and nice place to be and secondly something that would be cosy in the winter months with the fire lit and something that would be bright and airy in the summer months. The room isn’t massive but has some nice features; a wood burner and large french doors that are the width of the room opening up onto the garden.

When we bought the place this is what this room looked like (this isn’t our furniture).

Living room before photo

It’s a small place that needed some attention, it was very dark with red as a feature wall either side of the chimney breast. (Which when we first got there worked well with the red sofa we use to have!) One of the biggest problems in our house was the fact that the previous owners had thought it wise to paint most the skirting boards, door frames etc some pretty special colours… a lively red in the living room; a flowerpot terracotta throughout the hall and stairs; bright blue in one bedroom and a depressing shade of grey in another. Thankfully all the other rooms are either wooden or just white. (I can cope with that!) As you can probably imagine coloured gloss is a nightmare, and now I hereby announce my petition to pass a law banning all coloured gloss. I am only joking of course and if you are a fan of the coloured gloss, wonderful this is just my opinion!

Another reason we decided to decorate this room first was the carpet was pretty dire. The previous owners had managed to put a hole in it half a meter wide but a perfect circle, now I say hole but it was more like the carpet had literally been worn down. Very strange still have no idea what could have caused it.

Moving on so we started by purchasing our (amazingly comfy) sofa and now the planning had to begin, the sofa would be delivered in four weeks. So we had to undercoat the red walls (3 times) sand down all the skirting boards and door frames and undercoat. Then chose the wall colour, buy a carpet and get it fitted… now this all sounds easy right, however 4 weeks to M and I fly by we get Tuesdays and Wednesdays together at home. So offically we had eight days! And we can’t ever manage to make a decision quickly!

But we managed it, and after some very long days sanding, undercoating and painting-  the woodwork is now a more respectable colour, the new carpet is fitted without any strange holes and the walls are painted. We bought some new curtains, some scatter cushions, moved the old furniture out, the new furniture in and awaited the delivery of our precious new sofas. Only to get the phone call the next day saying it was going to be at least a week late! Which meant a week of sitting on the floor! (Not very amused.) 😦

Anyhow a week and a half later we got our sofas. We now have one room in our house exactly as we want it, it’s totally ours, us if you like. Nothing in this room remains of the previous owners.

This is how it looks now, still have to have our photographs re-framed and get them up but other then that we’re super pleased.

Living room now

Leonard lording it up!


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  1. January 27, 2013 07:35

    Really like what you have done. Lovely country feel and light and airy. Love a before and after photo!

  2. February 23, 2013 14:03

    Sorry I have only just seen your comment! Thanks, we really like the space now, just looking forward to the summer so we can throw open the big doors into the garden!

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